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Meet Lindsey Volz

Lindsey’s wellness journey began after years in the restaurant world where she learned how to hold space for people and learned how to ask the questions about what someone would need before they ever needed it. Her own health and mental clarity began to decline early in her 20s she looked for the solution in Nutrition. After years of study in Nutrition and Kinesiology she found herself unsatisfied with the knowledge she had acquired. Through years at university, yoga training, and her own intuition she knew there had to be more for people on their wellness journey. She set out to honor the whole journey and not a dissected version and found Functional Medicine.

About the logo for afmc certified, it signifies that the company is reputable and trustworthy.

Applied Functional Medicine Certified means that Lindsey has gone through rigorous training to pass a series of tests with over 600+ clinical hours and will continue to be recertified every three years to continue to be on the edge of science when it comes to healing in the functional medicine world.

 Find Your Yoga is a way of thinking about your own health and what you need to do to find YOUR version of optimal health. Yoga is many things, movement, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and much more. When we write to find your yoga we want you to find what works best for your life. Meditation before coffee, vigorous movement after a stressful day, breathwork to get your body invigorated before a big proposal. Here at Find Your Yoga we are hoping to share a plethora of tools so that you can Find YOUR Yoga when you need it and come back into balance. Or rather, balance yourself for optimal performance.

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